It has always been our goal to improve the society within which we operate and for which our products are intended. Through our humanitarian and sponsorship work, we want to become a role model and set an example for others, to set new standards in the field of social activities.

We want to encourage awareness of the connection between the individual, the company, and the social community, to influence responsibility towards the community, and to develop sensitivity towards the needs and problems of our community and its individuals.

We present to you only a small part of the events and actions that we are particularly proud of and that we believe have made at least a small step towards a better society and community…

In the past 26 years, we have sponsored and donated to more than 350 events and actions, and our desire is to respond to as many requests as possible, especially in the field of humanitarian and healthy lifestyles, education and development of young people, protection and preservation of the environment, as well as all disciplines in the field of culture and art. It is precisely for this reason that we have created the Application for Sponsorship, to respond to your requests as quickly and easily as possible, so please send all applications for sponsorship and donations from Krajina Klas / Manja companies via the link.

Sponsorship Application