Now traditionally, for the fifth year in a row, the Manja Bakery participates as a supporter of the “Wine me up” festival. This time the festival took place on June 25th in the pleasant surroundings of the Jungić Winery.

It is a festival that, as its name suggests, is oriented toward wine lovers, but also those who will soon become one thanks to the pleasant ambiance that is complemented by music. In such a relaxed atmosphere, visitors get to know the wine exhibitors and enjoy talking with them, and finding wines to complement their taste. Visitors have the opportunity to choose between white, red, or rosé wines, the number of exhibitors of which is over 40, and these are local or regional wine producers.

And precisely in such an environment, the products of the Manja bakery fit very easily and we became sincere friends of this festival. Our cakes, as well as small pastries, are an ideal pairing with wines, whether you are a fan of white or red wine. The combinations are countless considering the number of exhibitors and the number of our small cakes and pastries. Whether you combine dark chocolate brownies and red wine or maybe you’re more in the mood for white wine and brownies with light fillings, be sure you’ll find a combination that suits you at the festival.

It is only important to maintain a balance between food and drink. 😉