About Us


When we look at nature, its uniqueness and beauty lie above all in its simplicity. And it was in nature that we found inspiration, in the elements that for thousands of years represent the basic ingredients necessary for our life and development.

As early as 8000 BC, in ancient Egypt, the story of grain and bread began, and you would probably think that there was nothing more to add and tell, that everything that could be said about bread had already been said.

But we believe that even after all that time we have a reason and a desire to create and offer something new, something better, something that will tickle your imagination again and awaken a sense of satisfaction.

By carefully selecting and combining raw materials, with the development of technologies and the introduction of new standards, with the improvement of old recipes and their application in a new, creative way, we want to offer you new flavors, to perfect the existing ones and to make them always available to you.

We kept the skills of craft production but also introduced new technologies and automation where it was necessary because for more than 26 years we have been learning that tradition and technology can and must intersect and that, as a rule, they bring the best and most interesting products. Our range of bakery and confectionery products has changed over time, but our exceptionally high standards of care and expertise have not. With over 180 products, we are one of the leaders in the region and would like to invite you to an unforgettable journey through the palate of tastes, aromas, and scents that will make this experience forever memorable.

And for all those who, professionally or as amateurs, are engaged in confectionery and ice cream production, we have provided excellent support through a large selection of raw materials, tools, moulds, and decorative materials. We represent and distribute the products of the world’s largest companies from the fields mentioned above (IRCA, Mec3, Martellato, Pavoni, Schneider, Silikomart), all in the desire to provide access to the highest quality raw materials and top tools to professional chefs and kitchens as well as home enthusiasts.

With our own distribution network that covers the entire region, with the Manja brand with which we won the hearts and palates of consumers, with passion, knowledge, and the latest technology, we are ready to win over you, your home, street, city, region, to reveal our biggest secret to you… The secret of fine dough…


Just as we invested more than a quarter of a century in learning to successfully create top-quality pastries and sweets, we also invested in the implementation of international standards in order to create a better business organization and protect our consumers, and enable our partners and customers that, in addition to top quality, our products always have proven and uniformed characteristics.