At the invitation of a partner from the Lanaco company, the Manja Bakery, as a sponsor, participated in the first drone competition. The competition was held on June 5th at Borca’s auxiliary stadium.

It is the first international drone race called “Game of drones” with participants coming from Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, Poland, and Serbia among others. This was also the presentation of the city of Banja Luka on the international stage with the potential for this competition to be included in the points-ranked races for international trophies the following year.

From the beginning of the competition, the day was filled with activities for all ages.

While everyone was impatiently waiting for the race to start, a “competition” of paper airplanes was organized for the youngest, while the slightly older visitors had an interesting race with remote-controlled cars.

The Manja Bakery was in charge of the catering, which gave the competitors and visitors a sufficient dose of energy to get them through the whole day of activities. For all of them, Manja Bakery prepared products such as mini puff pastries, savory and sweet pastries, as well as donuts, which were everyone’s favorite products and they were happy to come back for “just one more”.

This day ended with the announcement of winners in all categories, and in our opinion, the biggest winners are the youngest ones who spent their day socializing with their peers and saw a lot of interesting and new things when it comes to drones.