At the invitation of a friend from the Vitinka company, the Manja Bakery became a participant in the all-day event called “Vivia Fitness Day 2022”, which took place on June 18th in everyone’s favorite, the Mladen Stojanvić park.

The day was filled with activities intended for all ages, and our attention was mostly directed toward children. The Manja Bakery prepared workshops for them and resulting they were most interested in the coloring workshop with food motifs.

All small and hardworking hands were rewarded with our sweet and savory products. Delicious and soft mini puff pastries with pizza fillings and donuts filled with chocolate/hazelnut filling were the most requested products, especially for boys from FC Borac.

The children who participated in the workshops, in addition to mini puff pastries, received a muffin with chocolate as a prize. A muffin as a reward was enough motivation for them to paint a few drawings because they had to collect enough muffins for a younger brother or sister who still doesn’t handle crayons, or for grandparents who couldn’t join them in the park. 😉 Of course, all the hardworking hands were rewarded.

In addition, the children participated in face painting, but some of them did not need it because the chocolate was a very good substitute.

For those a little older, we prepared sandwiches so that they could renew their energy and continue with other activities such as football or fitness, while the oldest visitors showed the most interest in our small cakes.

This day was filled with activities for all ages and together we showed that a healthy lifestyle means outdoor activities, little salty foods, and a little more sweets. We hope that in this way, the children have adopted some good habits, as well as that they created fond memories.