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Krajina klas signed a EUR 5 million loan with the EBRD.

The investment in the new production hall creates in a direct manner new value – by constructing, manufacturing, employing.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Krajina klas signed a loan agreement in the amount of EUR 5 million for the new production hall in Banja Luka and Istočno Sarajevo,  alongside a  EUR 2 million investment by the company.

” The project with EBRD has been worked since 2012. and it was a successful example of our cooperation. After one year of begin project, we had 232 workers and in the first valorization of the project we made growth to 317 workers and that was the growth of 36.64 %. It was very important to continue the successful continuation of our partnership with the EBRD as the central European financial institution”, Saša Trivić, Krajina klas CEO, said.

Operating income in 2012. amounted to EUR 5.632.000, and in the year after the first valorization of the project, more precisely in 2015., we generated operating income in the amount of EUR 8.150.000, which represented revenue growth of 44.71%.

We conceptualized the cooperation with the EBRD on the items that were most important to us at that time, and those are certain investments and the launch of new production facilities, as well as the expansion of the retail network of the “Manja” brand. In this way, we managed to prepare us for all market challenges and respond readily, so as not to jeopardize the stability of the business and liquidity of the company. Also, by expanding the retail chain, we managed to cover the market of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where we were not present before the implementation of the project with the EBRD.