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New visual identity of Krajina klas!

A new, simplified logo, with larger and more pronounced company name with grain symbol.

There was a need to close one chapter of the business after 24 years and start a new one with a clear, simple and strong visual identity. The new simplified company logo is distinguished by a noticeable name and distinctive sign.

The form we wanted to keep is the element of grain, which represents us, our growth and development path. Like grain, we emerged from nothing, managed to overcome obstacles and lay the foundations of business in the bakery and confectionery industry. We connect new markets and strive to be the ones who bring innovation, who are always ahead of everyone.

Two recognizable elements that represent “Krajina klas” – the letter K and grain, which are formed into one element. It is precisely this ambiguity where in one sign is what makes the logo interesting and recognizable. The font gives the impression of warmth and traditional workmanship, while at the same time exuding modernity due to its simplicity and pure form.

We stayed true to red, which represents the strength and passion with which we are faithful to baking, and instead of gold, we chose white, which represents the clarity with which we want to realize our visions.